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Ralph Blum


The Simultaneous Man
Year 1970
Publisher Panther  (Andre Deutsch)
ISBN 586037616



In a top secret American government laboratory the ultimate refinement in brainwashing is taking place.  The memory of Prison Volunteer 233 is taking systematically destroyed by a neurosurgeon - to be replaced by that of another man, Dr Andrew Horne, Director of Project Beta.  Mind alteration has been superseded by the far more terrifying science of mind substitution ...

Two men with a single mind haunt the pages of this uncanny, terrifying and totally compelling story as it moves from America to a counterpart laboratory in Leningrad and an explosive climax of chilling inevitability.




'A fine and deeply disturbing work'
Noam Chomsky

'The Simultaneous Man does more than please us by its ingenuity; it moves us by the passionate, permanent outcry of the human heart under stresses unsuspected by every age before ours ... What makes such fictional horrors convincing is of course the present terror of a technology in which brain 'erasing' and 'remaking' does go on ... Ralph Blum's images of beauty and terror appeal to our anxiety about the hazards to the mind in an age of war, of drugs, of unremitting propaganda'
Alfred Kazan, Saturday Review



STS-97 Shuttle Mission Imagery



Credit: NASA

STS-97 Shuttle Mission Imagery
Astronaut Carlos I. Noriega, mission specialist, waves toward his space walk partner, astronaut Joseph R. Tanner, as Tanner snaps a 35mm frame during the second of three STS-97 sessions of extravehicular activity (EVA). Part of the newly-deployed solar array structure is at the top of the frame.

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